Planeta De Cafe

Our Mission

Our mission is to reinvigorate Puerto Rico's rich coffee legacy while championing sustainability and local empowerment. By offering premium, eco-friendly Puerto Rican coffee sourced exclusively from local-owned farms, and complemented by inspired merchandise, we aim to amplify the island's coffee industry. With every purchase, a portion of our proceeds is devoted to handpicked non-profits dedicated to Puerto Rico's rejuvenation, ensuring that our passion for coffee extends to nurturing the very heart and soul of our beloved island.

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Jose Diaz & Jarrell Chalmers

Meet The Founders

Jose Diaz and Jarrell Chalmers have harnessed their love for coffee to serve a deeper purpose. While they might be recognized for their aromatic brews, they've garnered attention with their @PlanetOfTheJays TikTok videos aimed at empowering local Puerto Ricans to navigate the world of remote job opportunities. Their commitment stretches beyond just coffee; it's about using their platform to create tangible pathways for better livelihoods. Join them on this mission, and experience a fusion of flavorful caffeine and impactful change.

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