Planeta De Cafe

Premium Puerto Rican Coffee

Immerse yourself in the rich, cultural tapestry of Puerto Rico with every sip of Planeta De Cafe's Premium Puerto Rican Coffee. Grown in the lush mountains of Puerto Rico, this coffee is a true embodiment of the island's vibrant spirit and traditional coffee heritage.

Cultivated in the high-altitude regions of Adjuntas, our coffee beans benefit from a unique climate, enriched by the fertile mountain soil and the gentle touch of the Caribbean sun. Experience a symphony of flavors as you indulge in the delightful notes of chocolate, caramel, and nuts.

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Jose Diaz & Jarrell Chalmers

Meet The Founders

Jose Diaz and Jarrell Chalmers have harnessed their love for coffee to serve a deeper purpose. While they might be recognized for their aromatic brews, they've garnered attention with their @PlanetOfTheJays TikTok videos aimed at empowering local Puerto Ricans to navigate the world of remote job opportunities. Their commitment stretches beyond just coffee; it's about using their platform to create tangible pathways for better livelihoods. Join them on this mission, and experience a fusion of flavorful caffeine and impactful change.

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